Wednesday, 5 August 2015

August Progress Report

Ooops... forgot to upload this on the weekend.

First Sunday of the month is update day!
As a reminder, I've started a 6-week challenge HERE

Quest 1(Do my bodyweight training Mondays and Fridays): success
Quest 2(Take a lunch to work 4/5 workdays): success
Quest 3(Stick with the No-S Diet): one failure
Quest 4(Walk at least 30 minutes daily): success
Bonus(Meditate daily): 4x

Stumble: The one day I bought lunch instead of bringing it was within parameters, but that same day I found myself snacking.
Learned: High carb lunches like poutine are not conducive to satiation. 
Plan forward: lunches purchased should mirror what I would have brought, namely protein and veg(not fries and gravy)

Because it's the first Sunday of the month, it's also weights and measures day.
(last measure was two weeks ago when I started working out)

Weight: +1lb
Calf: +0.75"
Thigh: -0.5"
Hips: -0.25"
Waist: -0.5"
Upper arm: -0.25"
Lower arm: +0.25"
Neck: -0.5"
I'm also thinking that the No-S diet just isn't for me. Systematic moderation is helpful if you have chaotic overeating... but I don't, and needing to know what day it is to decide if I can eat when I'm hungry just feels wrong.

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