Friday, 24 July 2015

So Very Tired and Needing to Change My Food.

I have been getting the normal amount of sleep(about 7 1/2 hours). It maybe all the walking I've been doing by taking the long way home on Tuesday and Thursday(it may be the flat shoes I've been doing the walking in), but my legs are heavy and I feel exhausted. There are iron deficiency issues in my family so maybe now I'm working past my limit. I'll do my bodyweight routine tonight as planned and take iron with dinner to see if I feel better in the morning.

Sunday is the pride parade but otherwise I'm not exercising this weekend. This week was a lot harder than I expected considering how easy Monday seemed.

I'm looking at food more. I know I eat a bunch of junk and it's costing me a bunch of money. I had set the idea of taking lunch to work every day but wound up not doing that because it took so much time everyday.

Once(just once) we made a whole week of breakfasts(refrigerator oatmeal) and lunches(salad in a jar) and it took up all Sunday and the whole fridge. I think I can do better.

Breakfast - Hardboiled egg, cheese, fruits (protien heavy keeps me from being hungry before lunch)
Lunch - make a big pan or two of stir-fry or frittata and portion into ziplocks, tupperware, or jars, bring fruit or veg with it(the salad in a jar was awkward to eat)
Dinner - protien(meat, tofu, eggs, beans, nuts) + a ton of veg (salad/stir-fry/fritata/classic protein & sides)

Looks simple enough and I can cook well enough to not be bored. I'm also considering implementing the No-S approach to moderation. It's simple enough to be explained in one sentence: "No snacks, no sweets, no seconds, except sometimes on S-days." For details check out the Everyday Systems site.

I am interested in what you might have to say about any of my posts so please feel free to leave any questions or comments in the comments section below the post.

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P.S. Reading this I can see I'm tired because of all the brackets.

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