Monday, 13 July 2015

How To Climb A Hill

This comic came to me at the most opportune time. My next door neighbours got evicted from our apartment building and we found out soon after that we also needed to prep our apartment for the exterminator to come in.  They gave us a list of the prep-work and it seemed a monumental task. You never realize how much clothing you have til you need to wash it all, and we had no clue how much stuff was tucked away everywhere.

I wanted to sit and pout and complain that it wasn't my fault so I shouldn't have to do it.

I wanted to quit my job and just power through with no sleep or food because there was no way we could do ALL that and have time for anything else.

I wanted to just torch the place and say "Fuckit I'll buy new everything".

I wanted make a time machine and go back to before there was a problem and hermetically seal our home.

We did it though. Bit by bit we did all the things. We just picked away at it in manageable chunks for a couple days until 9:30pm, twelve short hours before he was scheduled to arrive, we looked around and saw that we were actually done. A change of clothes and a shower later Mom and I stayed over with Hugslut while Riza slept over with her girlfriend.

I can't wait for things to go back to normal but at least our home no longer has insect squatters. **shudders**

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