Thursday, 23 July 2015

Healthy(er) Eating

Last night Hugslut and I were talking about healthy eating patterns and I expressed my frustration with the fact that although I want to eat healthy, I really enjoy being able to have soda/pop with alcohol at parties, as well as the occasional sweet treat like jello, icecream, or gluten free cookies. I know that processed sugars are one of the main issues, and I certainly don't want to just replace them with artificial sweeteners because they have their own issues.

At that point Hugslut gave me some really good advice. She pointed out that eating healthy most of the week and having a sweet or soda/pop one day is a hell of a lot healthier than eating junk every day.

I had been considering the baby steps of slowly eliminating sugars... but I hadn't considered that I don't need to completely eliminate them to be healthier. Focusing on moderation may just be my key to actually living a healthier life for the rest of my life. I can continue to level up as I go and if I decide my Level 50 self has home made gluten free apple pie with Sunday dinner, well who's to tell me otherwise.

It's hard to describe the relief this has provided me. Logically I already know these things... but sometimes it takes someone I trust saying it for it to really sink in.
I don't have to be perfect to be better than yesterday.

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