Sunday, 5 July 2015

Baby Steps Again

I've read many articles touting the benefits of baby-steps, slow is fast, build on small successes, etc. Now, I logically know all this to be true and helpful, unfortunately every time I've tried to implement the technique I'd get impatient for the finish-line and shoot myself in the foot by doing too much at once.

Already I'm itching to make getting up early, exercising before work, always taking the stairs, writing articles on every Sunday morning, and doing laundry every Monday morning a commitment. But that's the thing, they are not a commitment. Thinking like that is what got me right back where I am time and again.

What I have done is commit to going to bed on time (start getting ready for bed at 10 & in bed to sleep before 11). Once I've done that for a whole week I'll consider the next step which is probably getting things ready before bed. There's so many steps between where I am and who I want to be... but if I jump in again I'm liable to fall again so fuck that, I'm doing it right this time.

The big things to remember for me is willpower, and the force of habit. We all only have so much willpower and if I use mine all up by tackling to many things at once I'll just fall back into the well worn ruts of habit. If instead I use a small rechargeable amount of willpower to make a new habit and then tackle another tiny habit, over the course of time I will cover all the things I'd like to address without collapsing under the weight.

I've already adjusted my social media notifications so that I'm not a slave to das blinkenlights. I'll be going through my email tomorrow to reduce that stressor by sorting and unsubscribing as required... and I have to be really really careful because I really want to make grand statements of all the many things I'm going to start doing right now! and we've already covered why that's not helpful.

I'll write a battle plan later. For now it's simple, address my mess of an inbox tomorrow and go to bed on time every night. That's it. Nothing else. ... Well nothing else except convincing myself that's enough and I am doing the right thing by going so slow it's painful.

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