Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Would I Choose Like Lois Lane?

I had a weird sort of epiphany this morning. I could not willingly date Kal-El / Clark Kent / Superman, and I can only see one reason why Lois Lane would.

I was just thinking about how it's usually shown that Lois Lane has a crush on Superman and a friendship with Clark, and then when she finds out the two are one (after a brief moment of being ticked off) the feelings merge together as a deep love interest... That wouldn't be me.

First I'd be hurt he lied, yes even knowing that he has to lie to everyone to keep his identity secret I'd be hurt. Feelings aren't logical. During the day or two I tell him I need to calm down, I'd start thinking about how he must see humans.

Kal-El grew up with human foster parents but he still sees us as weak, cowardly, clumsy, unobservant, and forgetful. The best disguise is to blend in is to be average and Clark Kent is his disguise to blend in. His mockery of the human condition is completely accidental but shows how he really sees us.

On top of the fact he could never see me as an equal, the lengths he went to to hide himself from the world means that I could never trust him. Every dropped pencil, every bumped head, every single slip and fall was meticulously calculated to look real without damaging the people and things around him.
Imagine throwing a stress ball at a drop ceiling in an office. It would be difficult to do so without missing the ceiling completely or knocking the light foam tile out of place. Kal-El with his super strength did the equivalent to that every time he tripped over a chair and didn't sent it flying across the room. He never showed undue concern or anger in his disguise and always reacted how Clark would react.

How can you trust someone who can mask his emotional and physical state to that extent while lying to your face for years? He's a complete sociopath.

I would never willingly date him and I don't see why she would... Unless...

We've already established he's a sociopath, what if Kal-El turned out to be an entitled douche-canoe who thinks he's saved her life so she owes him? There's no women's shelter in the world he couldn't find her. Her safest bet (even though, and because he could kill her) is to date the Man of Steel.

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