Friday, 15 May 2015

The No-Kill Diet
Hugslut has been exploring what we like to call a "no-kill" diet in order to reduce the number of organisms that die for her food. Not vegan, but vegetarian with a twist. She's just started and we're still ironing out the details.

I'd like to point out at the begining here that it's an ideal she's aiming toward and not hard fast rules. Also, this post is for discussion and understanding purposes. It is not perscriptive as to how anyone else should eat (hell, I eat enough meat for both of us).

The idea of the "no-kill" diet is simply, "Avoid killing whenever possible... even plants."

Even though it fits in a sentence we've found there's a lot to think about:
  • obviously no fish, fowl, or mamal flesh.
  • no perenial or biennial root vegetables because picking them would kill the plant (carrots while being technically edible at the point of their second winter, are too bland and tough)
  • currently no cereal grains(like oats), corn, or soy because we can't grow/harvest our own to allow the main plant to remain til it dies naturally in winter and comercial practices kill all the mice and such that live in grain feilds
  • no cauliflower, cabbage, or head lettuce because when the head is harvested the bare root would not continue to survive (broccoli is okay because it is on stalks with leaves that send out more heads)
  • sugar from canes is fine but from beets is not

  • baby spinach and salad greens okay because they just trim off leaves and the patch grows more
  • carefully harvested perenial greens like dandelion or kale are also in, as well as loose leaf lettuce once we have room to grow our own and pick a few leaves at a time (grocery stores sell the whole head killing the plant)
  • while onion and garlic bulbs are out, their greens provide very similar flavours

  • mushrooms are definitely in as they are just flowers of a larger underground plant
  • brussel sprouts are fine as they're harvested without killing the plant
  • all berries, tree fruits, tree nuts, and fruit type vegetables (cucumber, squash, peppers, etc) and seed type vegetables (peas, beans, sunflowers, etc) okay
  • milk, cheese, yogurt, etc still in, as well as honey and eggs

  • potatoes and other tubers are tricky since they're basically cloning themselves so it becomes a question of whether a clone is it's own being (we're edging toward potatoes being okay as long as we replant from each plant)
  • peanuts and waterchestnuts are probably in with the same restrictions
Remember that those points layout the ideal situation. Starving to death isn't ideal either, so if the only food available contains grains or onion powder, she's gonna eat it.

Now our farm is years away and things may change in that time, but for now I'm planning so my love can eat well off our land without killing.

We live in a wonderful era where food is so abundant we can choose what to eat based on more than just "is it poisonous?" and I think it's a great idea to do science to your patterns and see what works best for your mind body and soul, but I understand this isn't a choice that everyone has the luxury of exploring.

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