Monday, 13 April 2015

What I mean when I say "I love you"

I forgive you for all the things you have done, or will do, that may hurt me. I forgive the way you lash out when you are frustrated with yourself or your tech. I forgive the things you may say when you're tired after a long day. I forgive your big mistakes and the small ones. I forgive you when you fall short, because I see how hard you are trying. I forgive you the way I hope you'll forgive me because I know neither of us are perfect.

I'll sacrifice my time for you. I'll be selfless for you. I'll stay up late with you if you dream of bugs, even though we both have work in the morning. I'll take care of you when you're sick. When you are weak, I will be your strength. I'll be there for you at 3am as readily as I would at 7pm. I'll be there when no one else is, and I'll be there 100%. In sickness and in health, my willingness to be there won't change. My sacrifice is not dependent on your state of being, but rather it is there because you exist and you are someone worth sacrificing for.

I respect you for who you are. I respect you because you deserve my respect. I'll respect your opinions and consider your feelings. I'll treat you like a person remembering always that you have your own thoughts, hopes, dreams and desires. And those thoughts, hopes, dreams, and desires will matter to me the way they matter to you.

I'll support your hopes and your dreams. I will always have your back. You can rely on me. I'll raise you up and never tear you down. I'll always try to make sure you have what you need, physically, emotionally, and mentally. I'll lift you back up when you fall.

I'll protect you from physical harm. I'll protect your heart from pain as much as I can. I'll protect the idea of us. I won't demean you. I'll treasure you and shield you from those who would harm you. I won't let others put you down. You will be safe in my arms, safe in my hands, and safe in my heart. I'll be your safe haven, your safety net, and someone you can always trust.

I am committed to you. I won't leave you. I will be here for you again and again. I'll make this relationship a priority in my life. I'll look back on our beginning, I'll work on our now, and I'll look forward to our future because we are something that I want to last forever.

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