Sunday, 12 April 2015

First Day on Fitbit

So I've been tracking my food for a bit and recording when ever I'd walk somewhere like to the store or work... I even recorded the small amounts of calories burned by wandering around a store at a slow pace for an hour... turns out the app was assuming that other than what I recorded, I was just laying comatose on the floor.

Today is Sunday.  D&D day. Junkfood day. It's also the first 24 hours I've worn a Fitbit ChargeHR instead of recording the above and beyond baseline.

I did so very little today (nothing I'd see fit to write down) and as you can see, the food calorie count was still fairly high... but the calories burned skyrocketed above any other day.

Monday is my day off so that will be hard to gauge but I can't wait to see what walking home from work does to those numbers Tuesday.

Now I see why I had low blood sugar headaches when I tried to cut down on my calories.  I was already eating at or below level.

I'll keep you updated.

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