Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Slutty Mutant Franken-Clones

I was talking with my mom the other day and we came upon the topic of apples trees. I mentioned I'd need more than one if I were to have them on the farm because they're slutty mutants and she just looked at me like I had three heads, so I figured I'd tell everyone about apple sex.

The branch an apple is on decides it's characteristics. Pollination decides the characteristics of the future tree.

When it comes to pollination, apples are not selective. They'll take pollen from any apple tree that's not their variety, even crab apples. Most apples are self-sterile (meaning they need a different variety to pollinate them) and it's important to note that the very few that are considered self-fruiting produce more and healthier fruit with cross pollination.

This means that any seed produced could have different parents from seeds in the same fruit let alone on the same tree.

Apple trees also have a habit of bud mutations or "sports" where one branch or even one apple is different from the rest. The mutation could be something simple like being slightly more red; or it could be something more drastic like being much larger, much sweeter, and striped. There was one apple a farmer found in 2009 that was 1/2 red and 1/2 green with a sharp line down the middle. These sorts of things occur fairly rarely but can happen on any apple tree. That means, even untouched by humans, one tree could have more than one variety growing on it's branches.

These two things is why we have the massive varieties of apples we do. They just kept cross breeding and mutating into amazingly different varieties til a human came along and decided they liked it just as it was and didn't want them to change any more.

So with all this free love and personal change how do we get to have varieties that are the same from tree to tree?  Glad you asked.

It's actually rather simple. Just think Frankenstein.

When someone wants a new apple tree of a specific variety they just take a branch from a tree producing apples they like, and attach it to some roots. The actual process is kinda finicky but that's the basic premise. You clone the parent plant by attaching part of it to the roots of another.

The cut branch is called the scion and the roots are called (surprisingly) root stock. The root stock lends it's own characteristics to the growing tree such as disease resistance and most notably, height. Many people do not want 50 foot tall apple trees so they use dwarf or mini root stocks. The leaves, flowers, and fruiting characteristics are given by the scion. Putting these two together to form a new tree can be done by various types of grafting but that's enough info for it's own post.

So the next time you enjoy nibbling on one of these Franken-clones,
be happy that the mutant parents were slutty enough to provide such a wide variety.

My Little Promiscuity

(Photo source)
HugSlut and I were driving through farmland the other day and I have a habit of saying hi to the animals we pass. I know its silly because they can't hear me and wouldn't care if they could... but let me have my fun.

Anyway, at one point we passed some ponies and at first glance I thought they were horses so I said "Hi horses, oh wait those aren't horses. Hi horselettes!"

At that point HugSlut bust out laughing because she had heard me say "Hi whore-sluts!" ... NOT my intention. :-P

Monday, 30 March 2015

Identity and Physical Form

Don't groan but, last week I had a dream.

In this dream I got aroused and my clit grew into a penis. It was kind of uncomfortable because my foreskin was paper-thin and I was worried it would tear if handled too roughly.

It was kinda cool for a bit and I wanted to show someone but I was scared that if I lost the erection it wouldn't happen again. I very gently stroked my erection while trying to figure out how to get over to HugSlut to tell her...

And then I woke up, slightly aroused, no penis, and kinda disappointed, then my sleepy brain continued on thinking what it would be like to have a penis as a woman.

My first thought was that there would be no change because I'm secure in my womanhood and I didn't feel that a penis would change that. I might even grow to like it and see it as a normal part of my life.

Then I thought about having to explain to lovers that I'm definitely a woman but I now have a penis instead, which would be an uncomfortable conversation but I was confidant HugSlut would still love me and the Bard would probably adjust admirably.

Suddenly I realized that boners don't just happen in private. I could be walking down the street and get a random boner, and I'd almost definitely get one at work at some point since I spend so much time there. Humans in general aren't nice to people that don't fit in their tidy little boxes. I thought of having the same conversation over and over with near strangers. (Yes I have a penis. No I am a woman. Why the fuck do you care what's in my pants anyway?)

The blend of terror about that situation and relief that I don't have to live it made me cry. I'm lucky that the body I was born with suits me so well. If you're like me, count your lucky stars and be a bit nicer to others who didn't win the genetic lottery, because you can't pick which bits you're born with.

Saturday, 28 March 2015


My dad had a few saying that stuck in my memory. Some I've decided were unhelpful like, "don't do anything half-assed" (to the point mom and I now joke about doing things full-assed) and over time I have matured to find better mantras for my life such as, "good enough is good enough".

One saying my dad had, I have found is very true, especially when it comes to health and wellness. He used to say "everything in moderation, including moderation" at least once a day almost every summer weekend to absolve himself of guilt when over indulging in alcohol. It started to get on my nerves. It grated as only those who have known someone who says "variety is the spice of life" Every. Damn. Day. can understand.

Years later, I can now look on this mantra as a source of wisdom. It's obvious that too little of everything will hurt you. Little food, little exercise, soon you're a walking skeleton. Too much of anything is equally bad. Everyone knows too much food leads to obesity, but too much strenuous exercise also leads to health issues. These things were simple to discover, but it took years for me to realize that completely controlled moderation will also cause trouble.

Our bodies are marvellous. They can take many blows and keep ticking along. The one thing they can't seem to do well is boredom. After so many, many years becoming efficient at not only converting food to energy, but also storing that energy for lean times, and doing work with the least energy expended possible.... it's really hard to convince your body to loose the fat it stores.

What has been proven is that whether you're trying to beef up or trim down, if you do the same thing all the time you will hit a plateau. You can be working more than you eat and not loose a single pound past a certain point because our bodies are amazing at adapting.

The same applies to weights. If you keep using the same weights you will not gain any strength once you plateau. Now if you're not trying to get stronger, using the same weights may prevent you from sliding back... but if you haven't reached your goal yet, you're just wasting your time.

My commitment to health may look strange to those who are eating steamed rice and fish every day, or scouring Pinterest for new "guilt-free" desert recipes that will quell their sweet-tooth. It will probably look equally strange to the gym-rats who pump iron every other day like clockwork and drink protein shakes every two hours.

I plan to enjoy becoming healthier and stronger. I plan to say yes to full fat, full sugar cheesecake without the slightest qualm. I plan to spend relatively little time lifting weights or using cardio machines and surprisingly more parked in front of a screen. I plan to walk often to enjoy the nice weather as it arrives, but not force myself out in the rain when it comes.

All this is going to happen AND I am going to meet my goals of becoming stronger and more fit overall. My beginning fitness assessment is scheduled for Monday morning. Stay tuned for the details.

Friday, 27 March 2015


Last year I was sporadically writing in my old blog certain that I wanted to keep writing there because it would tie my past to my future. I created the ID Sinnah Saint for YouTube and Twitter reciently because I realized I couldn't truely be free to write about myself in any blog that could be linked back to my work self.

The reason I wasn't making the number of vlogs I wanted to simply because of the amount of post production required for a newbie with a 8 year old webcam. The last vlog I never got around to making was written and storyboarded and never filmed let alone edited... then it kind of hit me yesterday that I had already done much more work than a blog post and had nothing to show for it. I'm not saying I'm giving up on video alltogether but I'll probably save it for things that I want to show you in a game or walking down the street rant type videos I can just upload with no editing.

That said, welcome to my new blog and I hope you enjoy the stay. I'll be updating regularly because although I don't always had quiet for filming, I can write anywhere. this isn't exactly a topic focused blog and although I write article type posts sometimes, I also write personal story type posts, and take lots of photos.